Lowpoly Toon Forest

Features:2x Barrel (238 tris)3x Bushes (61 tris)2x Chest (128 tris)4x Fence (116 tris)3x Foliage Flower (47 tris)3x Foliage Grass (72 tris)12x Grave (44-92 tris)12x Mushrooms (58-71 tris)4x Road Sign (40-54 tris)5x Rock (16-28 tris)6x Stone Wall (72-108 tris)10x Tree (114-166 tris)3x Tree Trunk (23 tris)Textures:2x Ground Texture – Dirt and Grass(512 x 512)Vegetation texture (256×256)Foliage texture (256×256)Stone elements texture (512×512)Wooden elements texture (512×512)

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3D Model formats FBX, OBJ, BLENDER, TEXTURES, Materials
3D Model details Textures, Materials, Scale transformations
Triangles 5.9k
Vertices 3.7k
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