How To Upload Your 3D Models On- deep3dsea?


First of all you need to upload your 3d model on if you already have sketchfab uploaded 3d models, then you need to copy your model link from sketchfab, & paste that link on our site.


Go To Add 3d Model Menu: Below the Instruction to upload your 3d models-

*(File URL)- Upload your profile Picture on here
*(SELLER-USER-NAME)- Enter your Username here
*(Title)- Enter your 3d Model Title here

*(Description)- IMPORTANTCopy your sketchfab model Link, & paste the link on here. & then Enter your 3d Model Description here. 3d model link will be On the top of the description, & the model description will be below the link. you can see the tutorial video if you don’t understand it.

*(Main Image-Thumbnail)- Upload your 3d Model 1 Main Preview Image here
*(Price)- Enter your 3d Model Price here
*(Model File URL)- Upload your 3d Model Zip File here. If you have multiple file formats, then add all of them in 1 Zip file.
*(3D Model formats)- Select the box that you uploaded your 3d model file formats
*(3D Model details)- Select the box of your 3d model details here
*(Triangles)- add the model triangles here
*(Vertices)- add the model vertices here
*(Category)- Select your 3d model categories
*(Tags)- add your 3d model tags here
All done, Publish Your 3d Model Now


You can see this Full Video Tutorial about how to upload your 3d models on deep3dsea from here-


If you have any questions, then feel free to contact us here- ([email protected])
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