Moose Family

This asset has realistic MOOSE FAMILY models. MOOSE BULL has 4 levels of LOD: – 12400 tris, – 7700 tris, – 4400 tris, – 2600 tris. MOOSE COW has 4 levels of LOD: – 9700 tris, – 7000 tris, – 3400 tris, – 1900 tris. MOOSE CALF has 4 levels of LOD: – 9250 tris, – 6000 tris, – 3000 tris, – 1600 tris. All models has texture maps – albedo, metallic / roughness, normal map (all 4k). 57 animations (RM/IP): idle 1-3, attack 1-3, attack walk, attack run, drink, eat, sleep, hate, hide, hide rotate left(right), rotate 90,180 left(right), idle rotate left(right), walk forward, walk back, walk left(right), walk back left(right), trot forward, trot left(right), run forward, run stoping, run left(right), jump, jump trot, jump run, jump up, jump down,swim idle, swim rotate left(right) swim forward, swim left(right), hit simple, hit hate, etc.

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3D Model formats FBX, OBJ, BLENDER, TEXTURES, Materials
3D Model details VR / AR / Low-poly, Textures, Materials, UV Mapping, Scale transformations
Triangles 31.4k
Vertices 16.6k
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