Deadlands Series_02_Ebony&Ivory Harp

Commissioned by Terrornaut for the Deadlands Mod for Conan Exiles Visit their Discord@ Harps are meant to be carriable, much smaller than the traditional ones. Though carriable harp with such design really doesn’t exist but hey it’s mystical.Using as both an instrument and supposedly a bow. The dimension of these Harps is 60388cm. The white one is made of Ivory while the black one is made of Ebony woods.As per commissioner’s request the harps are made by demons. To add a sense of irony I specifically made the ivory one with more wood-esque texture while the ebony one with more rock-esque texture to fit the theme. I’ve also added some self made skulls alpha along the roots to add some flavor.This is the first time I made something……impractical? well…fantasy like I suppose. It certainly takes a lot more time to visualize its design. I am only imagine the amount of coffee fantasy maker drink every hour.Overall, it’s kind of nice isn’t it?

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SELLER-USER-NAME Armored Interactive
3D Model formats FBX, OBJ, BLENDER, TEXTURES, Materials
3D Model details VR / AR / Low-poly, Textures, Materials, UV Mapping, Scale transformations
Triangles 7.1k
Vertices 3.7k
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