Chanel Purse Black/Gold

Very detailed and accurate model of Chanel’s popular and luxury purse model.It is has a medium polygon count, so it is a perfect middleground for both production and real-time projects, where realism and high detail level is required.It has all textures needed for any software/render engine you use: Diffuse, Glossiness, Normal, Height, IOR, Reflection, Specular, Roughness..Very easy to work with, since all model elements are unwrapped in a single clean UV and the whole appearance is defined only with textures.Mesh is clean and tidy, each element ready for further subdivision.If you need low poly or printable version of it, feel free to contact me.Enjoy the model.

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SELLER-USER-NAME Nemanja Milosevic
3D Model formats FBX, OBJ, BLENDER, TEXTURES, Materials
3D Model details VR / AR / Low-poly, Textures, Materials, UV Mapping, Scale transformations
Triangles 230.8k
Vertices 115.9k
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