100-Game Assets 3d Models Collection


Abandoned Mi-2




“The Tik” Battle Tank




Abandoned Norfolk Western Caboose (3D Scan)




Antique hand pump, s. XIX, Beauvais, France




Armored D9R Bulldozer Doobi




AS-350 Philadelphia Police Animated




Autoservice Props Pack




B-17F-70-BO Flying Fortress




BMW R12 Motorbike




Borgward Isabella Coupe (Raw Scan)




BR-52 Locomotive steam train




CTA 5000




Disney Dream Cruise Ship




Double Houses




ECTO-1 Ghostbusters 1959








Excavator – GameReady – re-texturable




F-14A Tomcat VF-84 Jolly Rogers 1977




Fire extinguisher




Five Wheeler Test With Rusty Fuel Tanks




Fortnite Inspired – Stylized Assets Set




French Cannon 12 Pounder




Futuristic Tower Set




Game-Ready Satellite Module




Garden Cadillac (Raw Scan)




General Cargo ship and Tanker








Helicopter Gazelle




Helicopter prototype BH-500 landing




Hummer HMMWV destroyed




Hummer Military Vechicle




Icebreaker LK-25 Viktor Chernomyrdin Day Scene




Large Array Radio Telescope PBR




Large Clock




Low Poly 3D Vehicle Game Pack




Low Poly Battle Tank




Low Poly Chests Pack




Low Poly Military Tents Pack




Low Poly Mining Tower




M4A3 Calliope Annabell




Medium Crate AAA (economics)




Medium Crate AAA (engineering)




Mi-17 Slovak Air Force Animated




Modern Railway Barriers Set (WIP-6)




M3D Rooftop props collection




Nissan Diesel Tadano Low-poly 3D




Oil / Gaz / Water tank




Old Wine Press




Opel Blitz – 21 Panzer-Division




Paint Set




Police Patrol Vehicle 2017




POLYGON – Dungeon Props




POLYGON – Dungeon Wood Props




Railroad switches photogrammetry scan




Rubber Track Chassis Version 2 (Low-Poly)




Scanned Logs Planks Sticks and Stumps




Scrap City Assets second pack




Scrap City Assets third pack




SD.KFZ 250/9 – Reconnaissance Halftruck Nordland




Simple Apocalypse – Env Props




Slot Machine 1




Space Force 1 Carrier – Starfall




Studio MCR Desk




Stylized PBR Barricades Pack




SurrounDead – Survival Game Assets




Survival Asset Kit




Space Battleship Aquamarine




Warhammer 40k – Space Marine Stormtalon Gunship




28 objects




Abandoned Basement




Alarm button








BLUE Container




Cargo Crate




Dragon Ball Flyer




Electronic panel




Escada Móvel – Moving ladder




Burned Police Cars




Farmer’s Fruit Stall




Industrial Set – Modular Pipes




Industrial Wasteland Pack




Ladder, Railing and Flood Light Set Up




Old Car Wreck




Old house




old oil tank .1




old oil tank .2




Old Paper & Cardboard Boxes




Pallet Jack (Low Poly)




Propane Tank




Random Objects




Rusty Industrial Pipe Kit




Military Base Pack




Hand Lock








Vending machine – Only Fantas




W2W building 135º degree German style




Summer Shrine




Tiny Dungeons – Egypt




USA Ambulance 2011




Voxel Furniture Pack (99 Items)




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